UK Passport Application Guidelines

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  2. Need help completing the Original Passport Application Form?  Use these helpful guidelines to fill out the form.

Guidelines to Complete the Original Passport Application Form

  • Complete the form in capital letters with a black ballpoint pen
  • Write only within the white boxed areas
  • Leave other areas of the form blank.  Do not strike through or otherwise mark them
  • If you make minor mistakes you can black them out with a pen. Do not use correction fluid.

Section 1

Put a cross in the box to show what type of passport you are applying for. This is also where you can:

  • Apply for a 48-page Jumbo passport
  • Ask for a Braille identifying sticker to go on your passport

Section 2

This is where you provide your contact details. Please include a phone number(s) and an email address in case the Singapore Identity and Passport Service (IPS) needs to contact you. 

Section 3

This is where you provide details about all passports you hold, have held or have been included on in the past. This is also where you give details of a lost or stolen passport.

Section 4

Only fill in this section if you are

  • An adult (16 or over) applying for your first passport
  • A child who is likely to become 16 before the IPS can issue the passport
  • Were born abroad
  • Applying to extend your passport or replace a lost, stolen or damaged passport

Section 5

Only fill in this section if you have a Home Office certificate of registration or naturalisation.

Section 6

Only fill this in if the application is for a child aged 12 to 15 years.

Section 7

Leave this section of the form blank.

Section 8

Use this space to include any extra information you think the IPS should know about, such as:

  • Details of a previous or alternative address
  • Your preferred method of contact if you are visually impaired
  • That you have already sent the IPS form LS01 to report a lost or stolen passport

Section 9

You must sign and date your application here.

Section 10

This is the section that the person you have asked to countersign your form must fill in and sign. You only need to get your form countersigned if you are applying:

  • For a first passport
  • To replace a lost, stolen or damaged passport
  • To renew a passport for a child aged 11 years or younger
  • To renew a passport when your appearance has changed so much that it would be hard to recognise you from the photo in your last or current passport.  The person who countersigns your application form at section 10 (your ‘counter signatory’) should also certify one (not both) of the photographs. They do this by writing on the back: ‘I certify that this is a true likeness of [Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms or other title followed by your full name]’.  They must then sign and date the statement. It is not enough just to sign and date the photograph.

If the application is for someone under 16 (including babies) The counter signatory must:

  • Sign the application form at section 10 to confirm that they have known the adult who signed section 9 for at least two years
  • Certify one of the photographs as described above, stating the child’s full name


Passport applications must include two identical coluor photographs of each applicant taken within the last month.  Passport photographs must be 45 mm high x 35 mm wide and comply with IPS standards.  Poor and incorrect photographs are the biggest reason applications are rejected. 

Once an Application Has Been Lodged By CIBTvisas

The IPS reserve the right to request further documentation at their discretion.

Other Information

If you were born on/before 02/09/29, please contact one of our travel visa and passport specialists as you may be eligible for a concessionary passport.

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